What is the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative?

Rosewood will be working with Portland Development Commission (PDC) for approximately 10 years, starting in July 2012, to bring much needed resources to the community.  Funds will be allocated to Rosewood through Urban Renewal Area dollars, which the City of Portland approved on April 11th, 2012.  As a community, we get to decide on capital (physical) projects that will improve the commercial district, and help to stabilize and grow businesses in Rosewood.

Where is the Rosewood NPI district? Check out the map below, we will be focusing our efforts along the Gresham border at SE 162nd Ave, and down Stark St to SE 139th Ave.

Rosewood NPI Map


We are building a safe, healthy, respectful, vibrant and inclusive community that brings prosperity to everyone in Rosewood.  We are empowering community members to drive meaningful, and positive change in partnership with agencies across Portland, Gresham and Multnomah County jurisdictions.  Residents and businesses connect with one another to align resources and achieve shared goals.  We are utilizing strengths in the community to build a positive image and future for the common good of Rosewood.


We are envisioning a neighborhood where people want to live and where local businesses thrive with community support. We want  it to be safe to walk at all times of the day and night.  The major commercial centers at SE 162nd and Stark and SE 148th and Stark will be economically vibrant and convenient by a variety of modes of transportation.  There will be good connections from these commercial centers to MAX Light Rail on Burnside. Local residents will have better accessibility to community assets through improved walking and biking connections.  Cohesive design elements will tie the district together and create a beautiful environment that people take pride in.  We will create mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities to empower vulnerable community members, especially youth, people of color, immigrants, New Portlanders, people with disabilities, and people in poverty.  Residents and businesses will celebrate the rich cultural diversity and history of Rosewood, attracting long-term residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Priorities Actions:

1.)  Public safety- Lighting

2.)  Business district development- District signage

3.)  Accessibility- ADA ramps and curb cutouts

4.)  Place making- Rosewood Café, public art projects

5.)  Job creation and connection- Business expansion

Rosewood Steering Committee:

John Struggs- Lieutenant, Portland Police Bureau

Michelle Phillips- Rosewood resident and parent

Fiorella Featherston-Gresham multi-family property owner, Rosewood resident

Kelly Pauli- Freedom FourSquare Church

Manuel Morales-Manager, Pinewood Station Apartments, Rosewood resident

Shea Marshman – Director of Planning and Research, Mult. Co. Sheriff’s Office

Robert Barzler- Treasurer, The Rosewood Initiative

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