Welcome Home Leadership Academy

The Welcome Home Coalition kicked its first leadership academy class here at Rosewood last week . There were many compelling stories about the living situations that many of out neighbors face. The Academy was a great way for the community to become engaged and informed about the housing crisis and what they can do to advocate for their rights. Come be a part of this great movement. The next gathering will be February 25th at 6:00 p.m.


Got Graffiti? We did!

Thanks to The City of Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Program, ‎Paul Watts and his team from Graffiti Removal Services, Inc. We are now Graffiti free and you can be too!
Shout out to Jason, Rosewood’s Community Engagement Coordinator & community youth , who painted over the backdoors of our building!
IMG_20160113_115944 IMG_20160127_145235You can help combat graffiti in less than 3 minutes!
‎What to do if you see graffiti:
1)  Stop and take a photo with your phone!
2) Note the location (addresses are most helpful)
3) Send the photo of the Graffiti with location to
You can also report Graffiti directly to Graffiti Removal Services, Inc. GRS only uses environmentally friendly removal techniques and happens to be the Nation’s first completely mobile Graffiti Removal Company!
‎Together we can clean up our communities!
Contact Graffiti Removal Services, Inc.

Office phone is 503.231.1414
Or by email support@removegraffiti.net

 Contact The City of Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Program.
‎Office phone is 503-823-4824

Economics Short Story Contest!

Introducing the 1st Annual New Home Economics Short Story Contest. A common vision for the future is one of gloom and doom but if we spend our time dreaming, writing, and sharing stories of a positive future, the communities of earth will be a lot better off.

Your short story will be considered for cash prizes, publication, and an invitation to speak at a closing celebration in April of 2016.

Subject: A household living in a positive and possible future.

Length: 700 – 1,100 words

Sumbission Form-page-001.jpg

Volunteer Appreciation Night

On Thursday, September 24th, Rosewood volunteers and partners came together for Volunteer Appreciation Night! Rosewood  wanted to take the chance to recognize  everyone’s hard work! The night was filled with awards, a lot of laughs and some tears of happiness! Again, we’d like to thank everyone who is part of Rosewood, you are all such a great asset to the community!

IMG_1814 IMG_1816 IMG_1803 IMG_1800 IMG_1795 IMG_1774

The Aspire Project Dance Camp!

We had the honor of hosting Dance Camp at Rosewood this week! There was about 17 participants that put all their hard work and energy towards their routine.  The theme of the camp was minions and as you can see the yellow shirts and thick black glasses. They performed there three jazz routines today for family and friends and did such an amazing job. Its great to see youth in the space doing something empowering.  Take a look at these pictures from the event!dance camp 1dance camp 2