Mamas Help Mamas!

Mamas Help Mamas was an event put on by a community member to benefit everyone in the neighborhood.  The purpose to help families with a free exchange, give and take! Everyone was welcome!  This event lasted 2 hours and  it was a great way to bring the community together and help each other!

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Kaiser Permanente Community Fund Grant!

19 organizations were awarded with grants to improve health in Southwest Washington and Oregon.We are proud to say that The Rosewood Initiative was one of the 19 organizations to receive a grant! For several years the fund has focused on specific areas for example early life & child development,educational attainment, and economic opportunity.

The Rosewood Initiative’s focus is with economic opportunity!This will support us in providing some economic opportunities and  impacting long-term heath outcomes of our neighbors!


The Rosewood Initiative is very honored to share this news and to also congratulate the other organizations that we already partner with!


Below is the link to the announcement of the new KPCF partners!

Rosewood’s 2nd Annual Holiday Market!

Rosewood’s 2nd Annual Holiday Market took place on Saturday, December 6th, 2014.

About 28 vendors participated in the Holiday Market that brought in 150+ people !

Vendors sold a variety of items like handmade soap, beeswax chap stick, candles, cards, knitted items and more!

Families got a chance to take a picture with Santa for free and got a copy to take home!

Participants enjoyed the raffle at the end of the Holiday Market. A lucky winner got a certificate for a free message!

The Rosewood Initiative would like to thank all the vendors, participants, and volunteers that were involved in the Holiday Market, it wouldn’t of been possible without all of you!









Awesome Portland awards Rosewood $1,000 for new Bike Oasis!

In the past few years Rosewood has held two Bike Fairs, a Bicycle Safety Fiesta with over 800 attendees, a Commuter workshop with Community Cycling Center and SE Works, a Repair Cafe fixing over 20 bikes, added 4 bike racks to our storefront, and so much more. We are ready to build an AWESOME little shop at Rosewood!

We are so proud and excited to be the recipients of an Awesome Portland award to build a MUCH needed mini bike shop at Rosewood Community Center. Let us know if you’d like to help! We are just getting this off the ground and we will need volunteer bike mechanics to help neighbors learn how to make minor repairs on their own bikes. If you’re interested in learning some new skills in order to help out at Rosewood, we can get you involved at Community Cycling Center to start!

Check out this post on Awesome’s site for the details about the award:

East Portland Bike Oasis!



Are you a local artist, or a  interested community member  in learning on how to organize, navigate murals  in the city of Portland?

Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) Presenters include Gage Hamilton, an organizer of Forest for the Trees Northwest—a public art mural project that brought twenty artists together in August to paint murals—and Robin Corbo, a local artist known for her skill at organizing and creating community murals. Peggy Kendellen, Manager of RACC’s Public Art Murals Program, and Doug Strickler from the City’s Bureau of Development  Services will also be on hand to help participants navigate the two options available for creating an exterior mural on a wall in Portland.

Come on down to The Rosewood Initiative  for a FREE mural workshop on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 10 am – 12 noon !

The Rosewood Initiative is located on 16126 SE Stark Street, Portland OR, 97233

Take advantage of the great opportunity. Local artist, property owners, business owners, and community members are all welcome!