Youth Twirl, Jump, and Laugh Their Way To The Top!!!

The Aspire Project joins us again this summer for more twirls and lessons! Last week The Aspire Project held a dance camp for about a number of 25 girls ! These girls were committed to dance everyday of the week to learn and achieve goals! This has been a great opportunity for the community, free dance lessons are offered to anyone youth in the community! With dance the girls realize their potential and build up their self- esteem for the future! The Aspire Project is holding another dance camp next week, where another group of girls with have the change to jump and twirl their way to a higher self-esteem!




Bicycle Safety Was Indeed A Fiesta !!

The Bicycle Safety Fiesta was a success on Saturday, this event brought many people from the community. They all gathered around the Rosewood area and interacted not only with the community but also with the different organizations that helped us make this event become a reality! We are very fortunate to have partnerships with these organizations, making them part of our team! We hope that the families that came and supported had as much fun as we did creating this fiesta!

Rosewood thanks: Portland Police Bureau, Gresham Fire Department, Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, STRYVE, Department of Human Services, Department of Community Justice, all the dance groups, and all volunteers.






Get a sofa AND support Rosewood!

Help support Rosewood’s work in the community and get yourself a sweet new couch! We are raising funds for our summer activities by online-auctioning a generous donation we received from one of our Rosewood businesses, Scan Design Furniture :

A beautiful white leather Italsofa!!!!

Retail price is $3,199

The specs: 10′ 5″ long, 2′ 10″ tall,  5′ 5″ deep (deepest part) and 3′ 4″ deep (narrowest part).

We’re asking that the online bidding starts at $1,000.

Email us your bid at! Bidding closes Thursday, June 26th.

Share this link to help us spread the word, thank you!

photo 1(5)photo 2(5)


The Rosewood Board Retreat!



The Rosewood Team went on a retreat on Friday. They gathered together to talk about how far they have come and what they need to address t for the Rosewood community be a much better place. We give a special thanks to Ann Witsil our facilitator for the retreat. She helped us dig up the wonderful history that Rosewood  created, as well as helping us communicate future plans with each other! 

Handy Volunteers Needed!


Rosewood Flyer-page-001



Can you give a couple hours of your time to help community members repair household items or bikes!

If you can or know someone that will, please contact us at (503)208-2562, via email:, or come by The Rosewood Initiative to let us know!