Teens care about the Rosewood Initiative

Several months ago teen volunteers from the Oregon Partnership connected with Sgt. John Scruggs, Portland Police Bureau to begin filming a documentary about the Rosewood Initiative.


Oregon Partnership is a statewide nonprofit promoting healthy kids and communities through drug and alcohol awareness, drug prevention programs, and 24 hour crisis lines for treatment referrals and suicide prevention and intervention. They work with schools and community coalitions statewide, and our resource library is open to all to educate on the dangers of substance abuse.


The teens (who were running the cameras and asking the questions) explained that they want to use their video to help get the word out about the Rosewood Initiative.

Yesterday Marv Madtson – Gresham Police Sergeant, John Scruggs, Thompson Morrison, and I spent several hours in front of the cameras just talking about what’s going on in Rosewood and why we got involved.

We were just the “talking heads” footage.  The kids did the real work the week before.  The teen camera crew went out the Rosewood and interviewed, police officers, apartment managers, and members of the community.

There will be a screening of the finished documentary at the beginning of September, but Oregon Partnership is planning to make the film available for use in the community to get the word out.

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