911 vs. Non-emergency(503)823-3333 -When do I call which?

I get asked all the time when is it appropriate to call 911 or non-emergency(503)823-3333.  The simpliest answer is call 911 when a crime is occurring right now and someone is likely in danger or property damage or theft is occurring.    Call non-emergency if a crime has already occurred and the suspect is already gone.  Let me give you some real life examples:  You know your neighbor is out of town and you see someone you have never seen before at the front of your neighbor’s house.  The person you see is not a mail delivery person or a local well marked utility person.   You then see the person go behind your neighbor’s house and you then hear glass breaking or a loud crash.  Call 911 as you are likely observing a burglary in progress.  Here is another example:  You hear a loud argument from a neighbor’s apartment or house and you believe it may escalate.  Call 911 as you may be hearing a domestic disturbance, your call may prevent further harm.  Here is an example of a non-emergency call:  You wake up and go outside and your car has been stolen.  Call non-emergency, because the crime has already occurred.

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