Undeveloped Non-Profit Cafe Space is Already Building Relationships

Yesterday I met with Sgt. John Scruggs and Milan Homola at Maya’s inside Su Casa. Milan lives within a stone’s throw of the proposed non-profit cafe site, helps with the Friday Night 162nd MAX group (celebrating 3 years!), and is the director of Compassion Connect (http://www.compassionconnect.com/). Milan and I ate flan while we got to know each other and John Scruggs better.
We talked about a variety of things that Rosewood Initiative and Compassion Connect found common interest in including boosting positive relationships in the community, the classical music on MAX platforms project, and starting up a non-profit cafe in the area to provide space for community members to get to know each other and local police.
The process is underway for leasing the old D and P Continental Market building on the west side of SE 162nd just south of Stark. We had planned on walking around the corner to look at the proposed non-profit cafe site. I was delighted that Sgt. Scruggs had keys and would be letting us get an inside look at the space.
In the pictures you see that Milan Homola, Sgt. John Scruggs, and I continued to build our relationships as Sgt. Scruggs showed us inside the empty building that is is the potential home to both a non-profit cafe and a police community contact office for Portland, Gresham, Transit, and Multnomah County officers.
Looking north out a window you can see the space is near a laundromat and Sam’s Hide-a-Way Lounge. Looking east across SE 162nd is a car wash (left), Shooter’s Emporium, and Springtree Apartments on the western edge of Gresham.

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