Rosewood Initiative Weekly Update – 12/1/10

Delay on the lease signing, but there are still a ton of things going on.

Lease signing delay. Unfortunately, we were not able to sign the lease for the Rosewood Café site on December 1st.  There is some question about whether all utilities are hooked up.  Shea and Jeff Phillips are working to get all questions answered so we will have no concerns with the lease.

Build-up team. Jeff from Vital Community ,  our administrative support partner, is going to take the lead on getting the Build-up team up and running.  He will be in contact with people who are signed up for the team.  Reply here if you want to add your name to the list.

Community projects! John is working on a whole list of projects.

  • ESP properties – the East Precinct neighborhood response team officers are working on getting more apartments involved with the Enhance Safety Properties (ESP) program.
  • The Classical music is up and running on the 162nd MAX stop – it looks like there is now less loitering, which is a good sign.  We’re trying to get the music on the East and West bound lines “synched”.  Right now they are playing a few seconds off from each other and riders can hear the difference.  Yikes!  Unpleasant!
  • PGE tree trimming – crews may be brought to the Rosewood area to clean up trees near power lines.
  • Park ideas – there are conversations with Metro to consider options for a pocket park in Rosewood.
  • Litter patrol – we’re trying to schedule regular clean ups using probation and parole work crews.  This has already happened once before and we would like to make it a regular thing if possible.
  • Community service – we’re hoping to connect with probation and parole to get a crew of folks from around the area to help work on clean up and repair in Rosewood.
  • Security cameras – there is a possibility that the local strip club may be willing to put up security cameras to help monitor problems.
  • Drug paraphernalia – we are looking for agreements from store owners not to sell meth and crack pipes in Rosewood

Community survey – Thompson and Shea are working on a safety survey for residents to find out exactly what members of the community feel are the most important needs in the area.

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