Rosewood Initiative Weekly Update – 12/8/10

Getting the nuts and bolts taken care of is slooooooooow going.

This week we worked on pushing some slow moving details forward.  That means checking in and making sure we’re moving forward.

  • Financing – Shea is working with some great folks from Multnomah County to get financial support of the Rosewood Cafe.  The process is slow, but all the “i”s will be dotted and the “t”s will be crossed when we get there.
  • Messaging – Kerry McClenahan from McClenahanBruer has volunteered to help us tell our story to donors and the rest of the community.  Shea, Thompson, and Robert will be meeting with her next week.
  • Build-out team – Jeff is working on the team  and more folks are joining!  Our latest member is is Jenny Glass, the new AmeriCorp for Rosewood.
  • Enhanced Safety Properties (ESP) – we are looking for even more apartments to get involved.

More news soon!  Let us know if you want to get involved in any other these projects.

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