Classical Music at 162nd/ Burnside MAX stop

On November 16th, 2010 TriMet installed a system that plays classical music at the 162nd/ Burnside MAX platform at our request.  We had researched low-cost, innovative ways to reduce crime at the stop.  In 1993 the transit system in London, England started playing classical music at its most troubled stops.  They found an immediate reduction in crime.  The first month of data for our attempt has shown a 42% reduction in calls for service at 162nd/ Burnside.  We are going to do a more comprehensive study soon.

3 thoughts on “Classical Music at 162nd/ Burnside MAX stop

  1. Within the last year I’ve seen that side of town for the first time. Being a true native Oregonian, I like the idea. I also suggest that more stops have them. I’ve lived in a bigger/more hardcore city. (Chicago) Back in the ’80’s/90’s I lived in the supposed ” ghettos” of Portland. My school had to tell parents not to send there kids in gang affiliated colors because they were getting harassed, badly beaten, jacked for their milk money, not to mention worse situations. Those days were gone even before I left for Chicago. Six yrs later I’m reading about P-town gangs & stupidity on the rise. I laughed . Let me guess– Portland banger’s are gonna wear animal screen printed clothing, and tattoo they’re coffee order on there sleeve. How bad could it be? ITS BAD!!! Then all I could think about was Chicago. One warm summer night riding my bike passin’ what was left of Cabrini Green. A 4 -5 yr old boy all alone looking to cross Division. It’s a busy 4 lane street. At the time, there weren’t any cars so i did the “Portland pedestrian slow down”. (It would be safer to have him cross infront not to mention me feeling better knowing he got across.) He takes a second to make sure I stop as I’m telling him; “go ahead”. He did, all 3′ of him while flipping me the bird and mouthing off filth. My jaw dropped. That little boy was hard! He was being raised to act hard, walk down the street hard & he wasn’t even old enough to go to school to learn how to be even harder. That is, if he even goes.
    * Listening and watching things unfold in the deeper NE area is stress!! Having to commute for work is hard enough thank you.

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