Classical Music Update

We have completed a longer more indepth study and here are the results:

 These numbers are Nov 16 to Jan 12 09/10 10/11 % Change
Within 250′ of 162nd Ave Transit Station 73 44 -40%
Within 250′ of 148th Ave Transit Station 25 26 +4%
Within 250′ of 122nd Ave Transit Station 60 67 +12%
Within 500′ of Gateway Transit Center 233 276 +18%

The stop at 162nd Ave/ E. Burnside with classical music has seen a 40% reduction in calls for service since November for same period last year.  This is an early study, but a positive start.

3 thoughts on “Classical Music Update

  1. Hi John,

    Is there a possibility of getting data in this format for the previous five or ten years? (Calls for service at these locations for this time period.)

    Most major news outlets have done some form of reporting on the project due to the bill that was filed. I’ve got the links up on the MAXaction Facebook group.

    I sure wish all the focus in the reporting didn’t have to be on the negative. How can a community catch a break and work to better itself? How can news outlets help?

    • Mike,

      That is a great thought and something weren’t considering until this turned into a large news story. It is very labor intensive to go back that far. I have requested the last year of stats and then also to track actual incidents vs calls for service, which can be misleading. Calls for service can fluctuate by just having officers contact people on the platform and talking with them, which creates a call even though there was no crime. Just so you know Transit police did an undercover operation during the time the classical music was going at 162/Burnside, which could of actually increased the number, but didn’t.


      Sergeant John Scruggs East Precinct Neighborhood Response Team (503)823-4545 Mon – Thu 7am to 5pm

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