Rosewood Community Meetings

The Rosewood Initiative community meeting last Wednesday, March 16 was a huge success. Over 25 people turned out to discuss issues concerning local residents, and more importantly, how we are working together to make a healthier community in the Rosewood area.  Participants included apartment managers, property and business owners, residents, pastors, law enforcement, city crime prevention staff, and gang outreach workers.  There was a lot of energy in the discussion and we are ready to keep the momentum going!

From this community discussion, it is evident that there are still major concerns with the presence of Allied Health Services, the methadone clinic at 162nd and Burnside, in the neighborhood.  Sergeant Scruggs from Portland, Sergeant Madtson from Gresham, Teri Poppino with City of Portland Crime Prevention, and several community members spoke up in defense of the clinic’s services and past cooperation with the city and law enforcement.  There are a lot of myths that surround the work of methadone clinics in general and it is our hope that we can involve Allied Health Services in future conversations to talk about how they can best be an asset in the community.  We also had Ron Macias, gang outreach worker with Brothers and Sisters Keepers, speak to the group about how best to deal with gang related issues in apartment complexes.  This was extremely valuable information for the apartment managers present and we are grateful that Ron was able to join us.

Everyone is excited to get the Rosewood cafe space up and running in Village Square at SE 162nd Ave and SE Stark, and we know there is some frustration at the snail pace in which this is happening.  The Rosewood team is working hard to get through some painful logistics so that we can start the build out.  Once this begins, we will need the support and guidance of neighbors to make it the best space possible for the community! Spread the word about our next Rosewood Initiative community meeting:

April 20, 2011, 1pm, at the new cafe space next to Sam’s Restaurant in Village Square- SE 162nd Ave and SE Stark

This meeting will regularly take place on the 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 1pm at this location, hope to see you there!


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