Building community out of Rummage!

Rosewood Rummage Sale was a hit!! BIG thank you to our core volunteers: Fiorella Featherston, Michelle Phillips, Miller Lopez, Valerie Salazar, Theresa Tucker, James Lockaby, Tom Lewis, Mike and Madalyn Vander Veen, Shannon Grimes, Millicent Zimdars, Elizabeth Maria, Chris Bromstad, Shea Marshman, Antwoine Thomas, Isaiah, and many others that put in over 200 hours to make this event such a fantastic success.

We raised $1,283.04 in 2 days!!!!!!!

We met dozens of neighbors and have stories for years to come about how powerful this event was in bringing the community together. It was such a success that we’ll be considering how to make this a permanent part of Rosewood efforts. Let us know what you think about the idea of a regular resale store/indie market next door to Rosewood Cafe.

Special thanks to Fiorella Featherston for donating a brand new digital camera to document our Rosewood events!


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