Great party, Rosewood!

We  had a wonderful time at our holiday event last Thursday! There were more than 60 friends that came out to celebrate, eat and vision together about the future of Rosewood.

Our Portland State University architect students showed their revisioning work that we can use as a spring board for more conversations.  With the Portland Development Commission partnership we will be able to see how we can actually make these ideas happen! It’s an exciting time to be a part of this movement.

Thanks again to Freedom Foursquare Church for generously donating space and to Stark Firs for the pizza and juice. And for everyone that brought snacks, friends and family!

Does anyone have pictures to share from the event? Our camera batteries died early in the evening. Here’s one of Rosewood’s Chair of the non-profit board, Thompson Morrison, chatting with Dana DeKlyen from PDC. Also pictured, Tisha Moss, Shea Marshman and Theresa Tucker.

Last week we heard great news that we got another $5,000 grant through East Portland Action Plan! This grant will go toward funding my position to stay on as executive director of Rosewood, to continue building Rosewood as a community based organization and to start building Rosewood Cafe as our neighborhood hub.  I’m so honored and excited that I get to stay in Rosewood working with all of you!  We’re building our community together and it is really working, thanks to all of us. ~Jenny

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