Good Neighbor Agreement with AHS, Feb. 22

Hello All
Sgt Manny Hernandez, our newly assigned Gresham Police Good Neighbor Agreement Coordinator, will facilitate a meeting of all signers of the agreement and other interested neighbors at a meeting to be held:
                                       Wednesday, February 22, at 2:30 PM at the clinic
Please put this date on your calendar.  We made sure we would not conflict with the Rosewood Initiative monthly meeting the week before.
If you are walking, biking, or taking MAX to the meeting, our Security Monitor will let you in the front door.  If you are driving, please enter the parking lot via westbound Burnside, between the clinic and the vacant lot next door.  Park anywhere in the lot then ring the back doorbell and we’ll come and let you in.
It’s been a while since our last meeting so we will have lots to discuss.  I look forward to seeing all of you then.

Pat Gold, Clinic Director

Allied Health Services – East/CRC

16141 E. Burnside

Portland, OR 97233

503-252-3949 Ext. 247

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