First Eastside Youth Violence Prevention Meeting

On Wednesday, May 16th over 60 people came to Papa’s Pizza to work together in preventing youth violence in East Multnomah County. Just the fact that SO many people showed up proves that we have the energy and momentum to make this happen. Nice work everybody!

Prior to the breakout groups participants discussed what they wanted to see coming out of the sessions:

  1. East County gets better
  2. Listen
  3. Do something
  4. Action
  5. Solutions
  6. Getting to know neighbors
  7. Great place to live (East Portland)
  8. Perception (improve current perception)
  9. Group efforts (for change)
  10. Protect the community
  11. Foot Patrols
  12. K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple “Sally” (no complex solutions, simple, easy to implement activities)

We want to invite everyone to participate in Rosewood activities, a great way to start working on these solutions!

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