Paint Party!

Rosewood got a fresh coat of paint last Saturday and we are looking good! A group of about 25 volunteers came over to help spruce up our new space. Special thanks to our friends for donating their time, talent and tools to make it happen: Manuel Morales, Stark Firs, Miller Lopez, Kelly and Dave Pauli at Freedom FourSquare, Habitat for Humanity, PSU Architecture Department, Lt. John Scruggs, John McVay, Tom Lewis with Centennial Community Association and our many neighbors.

Next up, flooring…lighting…and HEAT!

Stop by to check out the work in progress and see how you can help, Tuesday-Friday from 2-6pm (16126 SE Stark).

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your Rosewood story at the radio recording for OPB’s Think Out Loud Our Town series: Monday, April 15th at 6:30pm at Papas Pizza (16321 SE Stark).

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