Summer Kick Off!!

Our Rosewood Summer Kick Off last Friday night was incredible! There were over 100 people here celebrating and dozens of volunteers that made it a successful and safe event.  We are really proving we can change the vibe at 162nd with all of our neighbors, partners and friends.  This was just the kick off and we’re looking forward to lots more fun this summer…

Summer Kick Off shout out and thank you to: David Douglas HS Restorative Justice class, Mexica Tiahui traditional Aztec dance group, Morpheus Youth Project, One Life, American Indian Movement, DJ Weather, Double Up, Mighty Misc, All Soul, The Locals….and everyone!!

Come practice your hip hop skills this coming Saturday, June 22nd from 2-4pm with Morpheus Youth Project, One Life and others at Rosewood!

photo(5)photo(6)These Rosewood Youth have become great leaders in the community over the past few months, thanks Aaron, Jason, Carlos, Jossie, Andy and friends The Locals! (and Mike, of course)

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