Summertime Fun at Rosewood

There’s been a constant stream of activities, projects and events already this summer!

The latest this week, FREE GED tutoring Monday-Thursday from 2-4pm.  Thanks to a partnership with Multnomah County and Londer Learning Center, we have GED study materials and experienced tutors to help community members earn their GEDs. We’ve already had several folks start and are looking forward to helping them reach their goals.

Don’t forget, we have Ton Ja here from SE Works every Wednesday and Thursday helping folks find and be prepared for work. She’s doing a great, we absolutely love her! She has successfully placed several Rosewood neighbors in jobs in the community and enrolled others in job prep and certification programs. We’re so grateful for the partnership with SE Works, it’s already helping bring much needed services to our neighborhood.

Please let people in the SE 162nd Ave area know about these opportunities!

Today was the first day of hosting Latino Network’s youth art workshop, which will happen every Wednesday for the rest of the summer! It’s great to have their young, creative and positive energy in Rosewood.

Stop by!



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