Community Law Project Now at Rosewood!

The Community Law Project is now making it easier for East Portland residents to access affordable and

high quality legal services!

Every Tuesday, an attorney will be at The Rosewood Initiative from 2-6pm, offering free 20-minute

consultations. This will help people identify their legal needs and opportunities, and assess where to

start and where to go from there.

You can schedule your appointment here:

Schedule your appointment

The Community Law Project offers sliding scale legal representation, meaning what you pay is based on

what you can afford.

They can help with:

  •  Personal income tax issues
  •  Bankruptcy
  •  Landlord/Tenant issues
  • Employment law (including pregnancy and disability employment discrimination),

unemployment compensation issues, Family & Medical Leave Act issues

  •  Wills, trusts, probate ~ including contracts for non-legally recognized families, domestic

partners, etc.

  • Small claims court advising
  •  Mediation, including mediated divorce

They do not handle criminal issues.

For more information, check out their website! Link

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