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It takes a community! Here are some of the businesses, agencies and organizations working with Rosewood. All of these places are  close to Rosewood and are used by the community as well. They are a great asset to the residents here, and contribute to its success and peoples accommodations.

Onsite Partners

Community Law Project    At Rosewood every Tuesday , sign up for a free 20 minute consultation!

SE Works At Rosewood Monday-Friday! Do you have a criminal background and looking for a job, or maybe your a refugee or immigrant with a professional degree? SE Works can assist you on finding a job!

Portland State University Business Outreach Program  Come get one on one business consultations with Liz Feldman! Every Wednesday from 4 pm-6 pm

Foundation Support:

Meyer Memorial Trust

Kaiser Permanente Community Foundation at Northwest Health Foundation


Norris and Stevens

Classique Floors

Scan Design

Stark Firs Property Management

Peggy Romero, Allstate Insurance


Centennial Community Association

Government and Public Safety:

City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement Crime Prevention

East Portland Action Plan

East Portland Neighborhood Office

City of Portland Mayor’s Office of Youth Violence Prevention

Regional Arts and Culture Council

Portland Development Commission

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Portland Police Bureau

Gresham Police Bureau

Multnomah County Department of Community Justice



Portland African American Leadership Forum

Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

Craft 3

MercyCorps Northwest

Portland State University Business Outreach Program

SE Works

Latino Network


Outgrowing Hunger

Mexica Tiahui

The Aspire Project

Faith Organizations:

Parklane Cristian Reformed Church

Freedom Foursquare Church

The Door

Agape Church of Christ

Lynwood Friends Church

Parklane Christian Reformed Church

Victory Outreach Church

5 thoughts on “Partners

  1. Andrea Norris
    Apostolic Faith Outreach Ministry

    Jennie: We get fresh food every week from New Seasons in NE PDX off Interstate…
    Would there Be Need for Families to Recv’ this,and FRESH BREAD FROM FRANZ BAKERY?i Pick up from them different times during Each Week….Let Me know ok?…..Do You Have someone Who Can come get a Refrigerator?…..and could We get Our Receipt for Taxes next year for write-off?……Thanks, I Hope that I can attend on Wednesday’s mtg…….Be Blessed-Sister Norris,

    • Sister Norris, YES YES YES! Since we are only “open” on Friday afternoons right now, it would be ideal to get fresh food from New Seasons Friday morning. We have plenty of people to help haul a refrigerator, just let us know when and where. And we can definitely get you the receipts for your taxes. Hope to see you Wednesday to talk more, thank you!! -Jenny

  2. Jennie; Awesome!!! What a Wonderful Blueprint For the NPI You & Your Team have Created!!!
    Whew! Things are picking up with the Food distribution here off of 181st…we’d like to know IF you know of ANYONE OR BUSINESS PERSON one who could help us with storing a little bit of Food & clothes each week too!1bout 300 Sq.Ft. a Corner space? shared space or whatever we could get….. would be nice!..

    .We still have an Excellent working Fridge that NEEDING TO BE picked up perhaps next week? at our Home address(I”ll give you off-Line) I will Text you… Our Ministry also recv’ some Produce every other week from other source in the community who want to remain (confidential).
    I’d like to continue from Time to Time to help out there in someway to produce an atmosphere of positive change & Support for Your cause to Assist New families, residents.etc.and Work in this community,and Encourage Our neighborhood to do the same…Wouldn’t You Agree?….I will do my Best to Attend Friday 24th 2:00PM Mtg.
    Be Blessed-Sis Norris

  3. I’m so proud of you guys for really showing community involvement and showing enthusiasm for where you live.

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