Rental Space


Rosewood is available for rent at a reasonable rate to organizations and families that help us achieve our mission to connect and empower the Rosewood Community.


A prospective renter may tour the Rosewood facility during open hours, respecting the privacy of individuals using the facility. Appointments may be made with staff outside of open hours and are subject to staff availability.

Rosewood Open Hours: Monday 12-5:30, Tuesday- Friday 10-5:30

Located at: 16126 SE Stark St, Portland, OR, 97233

Call us at: (503)-208-2562

Email us at:

Facility reservations will only be confirmed upon submission of a completed and signed Rental application, a completed and signed Rental Agreement, signed Cleaning Checklist, and payment of appropriate deposit and/or rental fees. Reservations will not be held if any of the above items are missing. Payments can be made in cash, check or money order (payable to The Rosewood Initiative) or via PayPal