JennyJenny Glass, Executive Director        

Jenny is the founding Executive Director of The Rosewood Initiative. She connected with the public safety organizing efforts that were happening in 2010 through her AmeriCorps Community Organizing Position. A fresh graduate from Portland State University’s Community Development program, this was the perfect opportunity for her to put theory into practice and do on the ground organizing work. She used concerns around public safety to rally the community and get to the root causes of these symptoms. Through grit and determination, Jenny has helped grow this effort into a small but mighty community organization. She has served as Executive Director since November, 2011.

IMG_5386 (1)

Germaine Flentroy, Director of Community Safety

Germaine came to the Rosewood Community Center looking to find a place where he could be part of the solution and help others in the community. As a concerned community member, entrepreneur, and small business owner, Germaine saw Rosewood Community Center as a positive place to create change in the neighborhood. Germaine got to work immediately engaging the community, and started a men’s group that is held every other Monday night at the Rosewood Community Center. Germaine’s extraordinary work ethic and ability to connect with the community are incredibly valuable to the work being done at Rosewood. Germaine is now the Director of our Community Safety program and has been instrumental in multiple community projects.

IMG_7075Marissa Clarke-Ritter, Program Support Specialist 

Marissa joined Rosewood full time this summer as the Program Support Specialist. She heard about Rosewood in a Community Development class at Portland State University. She plans to continue her education by pursuing a certificate in the School of Gender, Race, and Nations. At Rosewood she practices implementing social justice practices into the work she does supporting the staff and community. It’s a very exciting time at Rosewood and she is honored to be a part of it.


Michael Grizzard, IT System Specialist                               

Most folks call Michael “Grizz”. He is the IT System Specialist. Michael has a AA degree in Computer Science, and recently retired from Intel after 21 years working with the Portland Technology Development group. After retirement he wanted to “reinvent” himself and find something he could do that would give back to the community. After meeting Jenny and the Rosewood Staff and seeing the work they were doing. He knew that by helping them he would be helping the community.


Kem A. Marks, J.D.  Transportation Specialist                               

Kem is originally from Indiana, born and raised, but escaped when no one was looking.   Kem has a BS in History/Political Science, and a law degree from Willamette Univ. Social justice for all people is extremely important to him.  Empathy and treating all people with dignity are very intrinsic to who he is. Kem loves college football, and is a recovering Notre Dame fan, and loves the Ducks!


Sarai Rodriguez,  Director of Economic Opportunity                             

Sarai came to Rosewood to continue her passion in community and family success. The last 15 years have been spent in family engagement and community involvement service and providing families and students with the skills to overcome academic achievement. Sarai felt it was a good time in her life to switch over to something that helped the community as a whole. She came in with a variety of experiences and community development skills and the creativity to bring projects to life. Sarai has always desired to be a part of a community focus center that builds relationships, opportunities to grow and the willingness to strive for a better life. She hopes to bring her experiences and dreams into Rosewood and our community.

Aaron Vongdeuane, Rosewood Navigator                           

After visiting on a field trip in 2014, Rosewood grabbed Aaron‘s attention. When he saw them on a list of potential internship sites he take he decided to jump at the opportunity. Following his 3 month internship Aaron was hired on as full time Community Events Manager. He has recently shifted his role on the team to Center Navigator.

Aaron loves engaging the community that walks through the door every day. He believes connecting with people gives a better picture on how to help build community.

Yoana Molina,  Director of Operations                             

Yoana is a woman who loves life, the world and all the beautiful things that exist, She has faith in human beings and blindly believes that the purpose of our existence is doing great things in our lives and in the lives of our others. Rosewood gives Yoana the opportunity to make amazing things happen and much more. Yoana has over 15 years of actively working as a volunteer in her community, most of that time translating and interpreting in clinics, hospitals and schools. She has  worked in food banks and different organizations that help the community. She is  extremely curious and loves to learn and collect diplomas with her name written in gold. Yoana has have several people that  accredit her as a computer programmer, technique in design and drawing, assistant nurse, lawyer for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, health worker, health educator, and most recently as health worker in the community. She says that as you realize what you like to do and put all your love in it, will pay off. This is who, Yoana Molina Marcial is the Director of Operations, and this is her home and her community.

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