JennyJenny Glass, Executive Director        

Jenny is the founding Executive Director of The Rosewood Initiative. She connected with the public safety organizing efforts that were happening in 2010 through her AmeriCorps Community Organizing Position. A fresh graduate from Portland State University’s Community Development program, this was the perfect opportunity for her to put theory into practice and do on the ground organizing work. She used concerns around public safety to rally the community and get to the root causes of these symptoms. Through grit and determination, Jenny has helped grow this effort into a small but mighty community organization. She has served as Executive Director since November, 2011.

IMG_7075Marissa Clarke, Associate Director

As the Associate Director of the Rosewood Initiative, I am inspired by my team and the community around us every single day. My favorite thing about my job is the diversity of people I get to be with all day; babies, kids, families, teens, older folks, people from all over the world, and people with unique worldviews. This role is very dynamic and no two days are the same! In this role I focus on team development and communication, planning staff trainings and family dinners, as well as staff meetings. I also assists program staff with program development and management, which means fundraising and grant writing, trainings, program recruitment, implementation, and meeting and exceeding goals. As the Associate Director, I manage the monthly Partner Meeting (every third Thursday) where 20-40 partner organizations in East County come together to address the unique issues facing our neighbors. On any given day I am reading grant contracts, sending emails, painting a wall, or fixing a toilet! I love it!

Janet Photo

Janet Benitez, Rosewood Navigator                               

Janet meets with all guests’ day to day and welcomes them and connects them to local and regional resources. She is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and works hard to connect guests to services and activities that suit their needs and interests. Connect with Janet for resource referrals, to find out what events are going on at Rosewood and to get involved in volunteering at Rosewood!


img_0965Kem A. Marks, J.D.  Director of Transportation Equity                               

The Director of Transportation Equity is working with community members and organizations to elevate the barriers to getting around and demanding change.  Building capacity in developing activists is one way we work to achieve change.  Many of our residents come from cultures where participatory and representative democracy didn’t exist.  By learning this new system, and skills to make it work for them, these community members can bring better transportation and other changes to where they live.  Kem also works with local elected officials to change the policies that have lead to inequitable transportation investments and services. 


Yoana Molina,  Director of Operations                             

Yoana is a woman who loves life, the world and all the beautiful things that exist, She has faith in human beings and blindly believes that the purpose of our existence is doing great things in our lives and in the lives of our others. Rosewood gives Yoana the opportunity to make amazing things happen and much more. Yoana has over 15 years of actively working as a volunteer in her community, most of that time translating and interpreting in clinics, hospitals and schools. She has worked in food banks and different organizations that help the community. She is extremely curious and loves to learn and collect diplomas with her name written in gold.  She says that as you realize what you like to do and put all your love in it, will pay off. This is who, Yoana Molina Marcial is the Director of Operations, and this is her home and her community.


Liz Fernley,  Community Services Coordinator                           

Liz Fernley is the Community Services Coordinator for Rosewood. The goals of the Community Services Coordinator is to increase access to mental and physical health care and supports for all who live and work in the Rosewood neighborhood, regardless of income or other barriers. Do you have ideas for programming, needed resources, or want to provide feedback? Please contact Liz!