Where is Rosewood?

Where is Rosewood?                                                                                                                            The Rosewood neighborhood  is the 15 block area around the intersection of 162nd and Burnside.  The boundaries are SE 157th – SE 165th, and NE Holiday to SE Alder.  Rosewood  includes the cities of Gresham and Portland.  The Rosewood neighborhood is home to about 5,000 people, 70-80% of whom live in apartments.

The Rosewood Initiative is making a difference through the:

  • The Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative
  • Placemaking activities at Rosewood offered by our partners, such as: dance camp by Aspire Project, Business Outreach Program by Portland State University, Employment Services by SE Works..Etc

Where is the Rosewood NPI district? Rosewood Neighborhood Prosperity Map


Priorities Actions:

1.)  Public safety- Lighting

2.)  Business district development- District signage

3.)  Place making- Rosewood Café, public art projects

4.)  Job creation and connection- Business expansion


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