Wish List


Since we are a community based group, we encourage the community to donate any of the items listed to benefit the people of Rosewood Cafe. We have done some research and here are the items that are necessary. If you are able to donate any of these items, it would be to our convenience to drop them off directly to the Rosewood Cafe. These supplies will help with the recreational activities, guests, members, staff and furniture.


What we need:

-Art supplies (Colored pencils, Water paint, Craft paper, etc…)


-Disposable cups

-Kitchen utensils (Forks, Spoons, Plates, Knives)

-Compartment silverware tray

-Toiletries (napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper)

-Cleaning supplies (Ex. Dish soap, Windex, Sponges, Re-usable cleaning rags, etc…)

-Light bulbs



-Large quantities of carpet/rugs

-Fabric (large quantities)


-Book Shelves, desks and tables

-Gently used books (Preferably children’s books)

-Hand drums and percussion instruments

– 6ft-8ft Long tables

-Dry erase markers

-Whiteboard paint

-Projector with HDMI

-Office supplies (Computer paper, Printer ink and toner, Scotch tape, Duct tape, etc…)

-Bottled Water Packages

-Snacks (Cookies, Candy, Crackers, Chips, etc…)

Thank you,

Rosewood Initiative

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